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Educator, Artist, Learner

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The links below detail my education, work history, volunteer experience, professional development and student teaching placements:

BEd. (After Degree), 2019
Brandon University

BSc. (Mech. Eng), 1990
University of Manitoba

High School Diploma, 1986
River East Collegiate

1997 - 2017
Actor, Writer

Over the course of twenty years I have performed in more than fifty plays, thirty movies and television productions, and hundrededs of radio spots, working across Canada, and with artists of many other disciplines. I have toured extensively with Theatre for Young Audiences. This also includes work teaching improvisational theatre.

2015 - 2016
Special Assistant to the Minister
Department of Children and Youth Opportunities
Government of Manitoba

Responsibilities included: Maintaining Minister`s calendar & schedule, managing correspondence, briefing the Minister, tour planning, briefing political staff, FIPPA, writing reports, familiarity with departments and legislation.

Sessional Instructor (THTR 1220 - Introduction to Theatre) (3hr lec./3 hr. lab)
University of Manitoba

Course covered at an introductory level: play reading and interpretation, critical analysis, scene study,monologue preparation, vocal and physical technique, improvisation

1990 - 1994
Teaching Assitant
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Manitoba

Taught tutorials, graded assignments , labs and exams in courses on M.E. Design, Thermodynamics,Turbulence, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics.

1990 - 1994
Research Assitant
Departments of Mechanical and Biosystems Engineering
University of Manitoba

Designed and performed experiments in the fields of two-phase flow, computational modelling with numerical methods, appropriate technology and alternative energy systems.

2006 - 2009
Parent Volunteer (Grades 4-6)
Wolseley School, Winnipeg 1 School Division

chaperoning on field trips and week long camping trips, helping students create their yearly Wolseley School Play and making short videos, reading with students, teaching robotics and programming to an interested special group of students.

2014 - 2018
Vice President
ACTRA Manitoba
ACTRA is the union of Canadian Radio, Television and Film performers.

2008 - 2013
Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) Winnipeg - Board of Directors
The purpose of PAL Winnipeg is to secure affordable housing for senior members of the performing arts community. I was a founding member and worked with the board for six years, building capacity, raising funds and exploring potential sites.

Theatre Projects Manitoba - Board of Directors
TPM is a local theatre company dedicated to producing local content, Canadian content, work that challenges boundaries, theatre that tells the story of its place.

Executive Director
Manitoba Improv League
Planning season, communicating with schools, organizing and teaching improv workshops, planning finals event, supervising staff, hosting event


Member - Canadian Actors Equity Association
Member - ACTRA
Member - Manitoba Historical Society

In 2010 I wrote, directed and shot a documantary: Between Then and Now: Twenty years of Theatre Projects Manitoba for MTS Winnipeg on Demand with a $25,000 budget.

WestCAST 2018 - student presenter

Subject: Student engagement in Math - Manitoba Mathe-magic

I had the opportunity to attend WestCAST 2018 (the conference for student teachers from across Western Canada). Along with Math Methods instructor Sandy Margetts, I participated in a session in which Brandon University students presented a variety of math activities to engage early years learners. Presenting at the conference provided an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from educators from the Western provinces and to begin cultivating a professional learning network.

Creating a Thinking Classroom - 3 Part PD

Presenter: Garfield Gini Newman

Thoughtfully consider what it means to assess thinking and to implement effective assessment strategies to promote thinking. A key theme is the effective use of critical thinking in formative and summative assessment to move the focus from seeking the right answer to the quality of the student responses.


Presenter: Kim Hoeppner

Connecting your lessons to the criteria for which you will be evaluated on during your placement. How to utilize the curriculum guides to support your lesson development. Ways to make planning work so you are working smarter not harder. Your students will know why they are exploring a certain topic and what they can expect from you in the pursuit of this new knowledge and how you will determine their level of mastery.

Media Smarts – Use Understand & Create – A digital literacy framework

Presenter: Jessie Curell

Learn how to help your students successfully & ethically navigate the digital world. Learn essential digital literacy skills and competencies, understand the digital experiences of Canadian youth & familiarize yourself with the resources and tools that are available through the digital literacy framework.

Google Classroom/Smartboard

An introduction to the world of possibilities that the Google SmartBoard introduces in the Early Years classroom..

First Steps in Math (K-8)

Presenter: Will Noseworthy

First Steps in Mathematics& Math Recovery Intervention Programs are built on the fundamental belief that all students can develop deeper mathematical understanding by helping teachers see mathematics through the eyes of the learner, by empowering teachers to describe the development phases all students pass through as they learn mathematics. This research-based diagnostic framework includes validated diagnostic tasks that accurately identify student progress, as well as learning activities that target developmental triggers proven to advance student learning. Through research teachers are empowered to make informed decisions that ensure all students achieve a solid understanding in mathematics, that truly support success for all learners. This professsional in-service workshop will be provided by Will Noseworthy from Goulter School in the Fort la Bosse School Division. Will is a certified First Steps in Mathematics consultant. The Number & Operations workshop covers all attributes of the Number Strand of the Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes (2013).

Placement 1 - Oct/Nov 2017

School: Ecole New Era School

Grade: 3/4

Cooperating Teacher: Corinna Walsh

Faculty Supervisor: Eileen Agar


"Gordon is well on his way to becoming a positive and effective teacher."

"Gordon has a very engaging teacher presence in the classroom. he uses his voice and body language to draw in a very active group of students. His lessons are fun and filled with activity to keep the students on task. He effectively reads the class and provides positive experiences connecting reading and emotions."

"Gordon is organized and ready to execute his lesson plans. He shows knowledge of the curriculum and plans ahead for how to relate it to this particular class. He has made a good, positive connection with his CT, learning a great deal from her about positive classroom management. He has also connected with his students and other staff members."