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Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the world. Iím not exaggerating. Starting at age 4 and continuing until they become adults, virtually every child spends most of their waking hours in the company of teachers and fellow students. Teachers are responsible for creating the environment that will shape every child that comes through their doors into functioning members of society, and providing them with the knowledge and skills that they will need to thrive. Itís hard to imagine a more important job than that. Teachers are responsible not just for providing the knowledge mandated by the current curriculum, but for going far beyond that, teaching and instilling values by providing a living example to the best of their ability. And this isnít just for the kids that are easy to like, or the ones that soak up knowledge like a sponge; itís for every single one of them. Every child has an equal right to the best possible education we can provide for them. This means that teachers need to be prepared to teach vastly different students in the ways that are best suited to those studentsí differentiated needs, and throughout their careers to be actively upgrading their skills through professional development. Itís an exciting, sometimes daunting prospect.

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